Owner Gas Cylinders


   EZitools imports 4 sizes of gas cylinder suitable for argon, argon mixes, oxygen, Co2, and nitrogen, as well as 2 sizes of acetylene.
All cylinders are NZ certified and have standard regulator connections.

Once purchased, the cylinder is owned by the you, no rental fees are payable.  Your cylinder is filled and returned to you.  We also operate the EZi Swap system whereby you can just swap your cylinder for a full one.  Contact us for details.

Refills are available from EZitools (Auck), Tank Test (Auck), SupaGas (Nth Is.)
Please note: not all gases are available from all fillers.


If you are a company that fills cylinders (must be certified) and wish to be listed here, please email colin@ezitools.co.nz